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Polished concrete flooring is rated among the most user-friendly, durable, and eco-friendly flooring solutions.

Polished concrete floors have become the leading choice of commercial, retail, hotels, and industrial facilities due to their multiple benefits.

We are established concrete resurfacing contractors in NYC who understand the process of concrete polishing and grinding.

Our company has the right equipment, skills, technology, and labor to give you outstanding results that enhance the durability and beauty of your space. With our aesthetically appealing, tough, and easy-to-maintain polished concrete floor, you can get the best return on your investment.

What is Polished Concrete?

A polished concrete floor does not use wax but an advanced grinding system to give a polished look to your new or existing concrete flooring. The heavy-duty machines grind down the surface of the concrete to provide the desired level of surface smoothness and shine. This process is similar to wood grinding.

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Types of Polished Concrete Floors

Several concrete finishes are available depending on your preferences, intended use, and the look you want to accomplish. For commercial applications, we typically recommend a clean, polished finish that’s one color. These finishes provide you a matchless combination of low maintenance, durability, aesthetics, and excellent performance. The use of diamond grit determines the level of concrete polishing gloss.

Salt and Pepper Concrete Polishing

This is the most popular polished concrete floor in New York City, which adheres easily to stained concrete providing unique color and perfect shine. Some minor imperfections in your concrete flooring may remain visible such as cracks or small holes. But when this flooring completes, it gives a distinct and glossy look to your floor.

Cream Polished Concrete Floor

The cream polished concrete floor has the smoothest finish, and consistent sheen concrete flooring can accomplish. This polish gives easy and simple colored finishing because it adheres to dyes and stains consistently.

Aggregate Polished Concrete

This type of polish is least preferred because of its price, but it gives a highly captivating look to your flooring. There are additional processes involved in this polishing, and it imparts highly decorative qualities to your existing or new concrete flooring.

Whether you want cream polishing salt and pepper or aggregate polishing, we are expert concrete polishing contractors in Manhattan who provide all types of polishing services. We examine your existing flooring and discuss your preferences to help you make the right and informed decision regarding concrete polishing.

Why is Polished Concrete Flooring The Natural, Versatile and Durable Choice?

When choosing commercial or industrial flooring, polished concrete floors are a natural, versatile, and durable choice. The polishing of concrete has refined to become a much more efficient and structured process. However, to accomplish optimal benefits of polished concrete floor, expert industrial flooring contractors in NYC should perform the job.

We are concrete resurfacing contractors with extensive experience in the industry. We have a fully equipped, trained, and experienced team to handle any type and size of concrete polishing project with speed and efficiency.

You can conveniently use polished concrete flooring for nearly every commercial and industrial facility to create neat, smooth, eye-catching, and high-performing surfaces. Due to the durability and evenness of the finished concrete floor, they are a top choice of factories, warehouses, and public facilities. Easy maintenance and cleaning make them a perfect fit for museums, educational institutes, dog kennels, museums, and many other high-traffic areas.

Where Can You Install Polish Concrete Floors in New York City?

Due to their durability, easy maintenance, high-performance, and visual appeal, a concrete floor that’s been grinded and polished has many applications across different industries. These include but are not limited to the following:

What is Polishable Concrete Overlay?

Polishable concrete overlay offers a great alternative to marble, tiles, synthetic floor coating, or linoleum. The special concrete overlay significantly improves the aesthetics of your space, providing superior performance and durability without the need for coatings or waxes. This is ideal for worn-out floors with poor conditions like dense surface, unevenness, cracks, large holes, and others.

 Applying a polishable concrete overlay gives a more even and consistent finish to your existing concrete flooring. You can add colors, dyes, aggregate, or other enhancements to provide a terrazzo-like finishing or extra decorative look.

We have a team of trained and experienced industrial flooring contractors in New York City. We use cutting-edge techniques and technologies to give you superior quality polished concrete floor installation services with long-term warranties.

Is Concrete Polishing Expensive?

Concrete polishing in New York City is an affordable solution for your short as well as long-term flooring needs. When compared to other conventional flooring solutions such as tiles, marble, granite, wood, etc., you’ll find the cost of polished concrete floors surprisingly low.

Depending on your project type, location and complexity, the rates may vary. Moreover, aggregate concrete floor polishing is relatively expansive compared to cream and salt and pepper concrete polishing.

Considering polishing a concrete floor is a smart choice for new constructions because the floor grinding process takes only five to seven days following casting. We are experts at performing all kinds of concrete floor polishing in NYC, making your floor most environment-friendly and sustainable.

Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Residential, commercial, and industrial clients are increasingly choosing polished concrete floors in Manhattan and surrounding areas to improve the appearance and value of their properties. The polished concrete floor not just provides an affordable solution to your flooring problems, it also delivers outstanding value. Here are some highlighting benefits of choosing polished concrete floors over other types of flooring solutions.

You can add various colors and dyes of your choice to the concrete polish to give a decorative look to your existing concrete floor instead of boring and dull grey flooring.

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