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When you’re looking for floors that will successfully withstand any and all levels of wear and tear, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. 

 Are these floors going to be chemical and oil resistant? 

Will they be resistant to scuffing, scratching and staining? 

And most importantly, can they withstand the weight of heavy machinery without cracking or denting?

Our answer to these questions are- yes, yes and yes!  And that’s what makes our industrial epoxy floor coatings such a great fit for industrial clients. We’ve applied our flooring solutions across various applications such as manufacturing facilities, distribution and food processing plants and warehouses.

Our epoxy floor coating is designed for high performance.

They will not succumb to the external factors that damage so many other types of flooring out there. When you are looking for safety, efficiency and value- our epoxy floor coatings are the #1 choice.  

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Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Systems

There are many benefits of opting for an industrial epoxy floor coating

Resilience & Strength

Food processing plant epoxy flooring new york

Epoxy is ideal for facilities in the beverage and food industry where performance is crucial. Our moisture resistant floors will withstand machinery and foot traffic and can uphold heavy weight without cracking. 

Resistant to External Factors

industrial plant

Our epoxy floors are heat and water resistant. They’re also chemical, stain and acid resistant making them perfect for facilities that handle hazardous materials. They may be low maintenance but our flooring systems pack a huge punch in performance! 

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Industrial Epoxy New York

Our floors reduce maintenance costs. You can just sweep, mop and use just about any cleaning agent on the surfaces without having to worry about inflicting damage to the polished surface. They’re perfect for commercial flooring! 

Whether it’s a brand new floor installation project, or a treatment of a pre-existing one, we can help. Over the years, we’ve helped dozens of facilities around the New York metro area with their flooring jobs. Our team is always punctual, professional and extremely knowledgeable. We guarantee that our epoxy floor solutions will bring your business value for decades to come.  We’ve installed epoxy in New York storage facilities, public garage spaces, and industrial plants with heavy duty machinery. What makes our epoxies industrial grade is in their 100% solid, two part properties. This allows the epoxy to firmly bind and adhere to the original surface. We complete the floors with a topcoat that creates the shine and seamless surface that we all love. These multiple layers are hardened as it dries, thereby, making your  industrial epoxy floor coatings resistant to a wide range of external factors. 

Our Epoxy Products & Installation Techniques Are Top of The Line

Durable, Practical, Beautiful and Safe

Our floors are ideal for a wide variety of commercial space applications. There’s a reason why so many industry leaders trust us with their flooring. If you are looking for floors that will last you for decades to come. Floors that are easily cleaned, safe for your workers and the best value in the market, give us a call today. 

Epoxy Solutions For Warehouse Facilities and Other Industrial Applications

For heavy duty areas, with a lot of external shock forces, you want to ensure that your concrete floors are sturdy, slip proof, easy to clean and resistant to abrasion. Our products have been tested to ensure that your flooring systems are complete high performance systems that can withstand the harshest conditions. You don’t need to worry about your epoxy flooring peeling or losing its color after just a few years. Our rock solid floor coatings give you the look you want for decades to come. For industrial grade epoxy floor coatings solutions, contact the NYC epoxy experts today.