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Tired of looking at your beat up garage floors, wondering if there could be something done? Epoxy garage floors have revolutionized the concrete coating space with its durability, high gloss shine and extreme resistance to wear and tear.   Just check out the new life that we gave to these spaces just by installing garage floor epoxy coatings to the concrete surfaces. 

Our epoxy concrete coatings make your floors impact resistant for decades. They’re very low maintenance and are very easy to clean.

Resistant to heat, water and other chemicals– there’s no wonder epoxy floors are the most common garage floor coating on the market. And if these photos aren’t enough to convince you, then just read on. We’ve got a few more things we’d like for you to know about our epoxy flooring systems and why they make for the best garage floors.

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Why Epoxy is the Best Garage Floor Coating On the Market

For most homeowners, the garage is a touchy subject. They serve practical purposes, like car and tools storage, working space, maybe an at home gym. But have you ever met a homeowner that brags about their garage?


Now, why do you think that is?

The plain answer is- because they’re ugly. 

And that just seems to be the overarching theme. But!

What if you want to brag about your garage? What if you want to use this space for something more? Or maybe you just want your garage to look up to par with the rest of your home. Is that too much to ask?

Absolutely not. And that’s where we come in.

Get More Out of Your Floor Coating Investment

Your floors should stand out in all the right ways. Our team makes that happen with our epoxy flooring systems.

Epoxy Floor Systems are the #1 Choice for Homeowners Looking to Level Up Their Home

These are the reasons why: ​

How Long Do Garage Epoxy Floors Last?

We were going to bundle this benefit up with all the other reasons why epoxy floors are great, above. But thought this one deserved its own recognition. And the reason for that is, with our professionally installed epoxy flooring systems, you can have amazing looking garage floors for up to 20 years.

If you properly maintain the floors by applying a top coat every 7 or so years, you’ll have durable and glossy floors that maintain their aesthetic appeal for years to come.