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The epoxy system is one of the most demanded forms of flooring system, especially for commercial and industrial applications. It is a combination of hardeners and resins mixed chemically to create an extremely rigid, strong, impact-resistant, high-performing and durable coating. As an expert and trusted industrial floor coating contractor in the industry, we provide you with an eco-friendly and sustainable epoxy flooring system in Brooklyn, NY.

The application of epoxy flooring provides you with a cost-effective and efficient way to repair and enhance your stained, cracked, damaged, or worn-out flooring. You can add various decorative enhancements and colors to improve the overall look and feel of your flooring. We have served hundreds of clients with our commercial epoxy flooring services in Brooklyn, NY, to help them achieve low-maintenance, long-lasting, industrial-grade flooring.

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Various Applications of Epoxy Floor Coatings

There are various applications of epoxy floor coatings in different industries and settings. Some of the standard applications include but are not limited to the following:

Our epoxy flooring services are also available for residential applications, including garage floor epoxy and basement floor epoxy flooring.  It gives a neat and striking appearance to your interior while improving the durability of your existing concrete floor.

Types of Epoxy Flooring We Offer

As leading industrial epoxy flooring contractors in New York, we offer multiple epoxy flooring choices in various colors, designs, and patterns. We can customize your flooring according to your preferences, area, needs, and budget. With our professional epoxy floor services, you can improve and maintain the beauty of your space while staying within budget. Here are some of the popular industrial grade epoxy floor coating options that we offer:

Commercial epoxy flooring New York

Solid Color Epoxy Floors

The solid color epoxy flooring provides stylish, low maintenance, hassle-free, and long-lasting option. There is a wide range of color choices available for solid color epoxy floors from which you can choose according to your taste and the interior of the space. You get a consistent, smooth, and beautifully finished floor in lively and fresh color to your liking.

Garage Floor Epoxy New York

Flake System epoxy flooring

Take benefit from the simple and highly effective commercial epoxy flake system flooring services. It consists of our high-quality binding (epoxy) and assorted small flakes of vinyl which enhances the overall appearance of your flooring. There are dozens of flakes color choices which you can select to give a distinct character to your floor. This type of epoxy floor offers a unique look to your commercial floor, attracting more and more customers.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring New York

Metallic Designer Epoxy Floors

If you are a fan of metallic, this floor coating is just the right choice. Resilient, durable, anti-slip, and high-performing metallic epoxy flooring is an ideal solution for old and worn-out floors. It, not just appears great; it also delivers the same performance and value as the regular epoxy flooring. We add metallic pigments and glitter to the epoxy solution that gives your floor a metallic finish and shine.

Concrete Surface Preparation

Before the application of epoxy floor coating, concrete surface preparation is the most critical step. We have the equipment, skill, workforce, and experience to perform high-quality concrete surface preparation services. Our industrial floor coating contractors assess your needs and examine your floor to recommend the most suitable solution that meets your requirements. We help you maintain a safe and healthy work environment to improve your productivity and give you a competitive edge in your field.

polished concrete NYC

Polished Concrete

Finish your commercial and industrial concrete flooring with our affordable and efficient polished concrete. Polished concrete provides you with a safe, aesthetically appealing, durable, and low maintenance option to recycle your existing concrete floor within your budget.

Stained Concrete Floor Sealer

To preserve the integrity and life of your concrete flooring, we provide stained concrete floor sealer services. We use a superior quality product that gives intense color and enhanced shine to your flooring. However, you need regular maintenance for the stained concrete flooring to maintain its look and performance.

Why Is It Important to Hire a Reliable and Reputed Epoxy Floor Coating Company in Brooklyn, NY?

Whether you need commercial kitchen flooring, epoxy garage flooring, or any other commercial epoxy flooring, it is vital to hire a reliable and reputed epoxy floor coating company in Brooklyn, NY. You may want to save money by hiring an inexperienced epoxy flooring service, but this can waste your investment rather than keeping it.

Hiring a reliable and reputed epoxy floor coating company in Brooklyn, NY, like ours provide many benefits, including but are not limited to the following:

Help You Find the Fitting Solution

When you choose our professional industrial grade floor coating services, we help you select the best solution to meet the demands of your industry, cater to the needs of your specific users and design preferences. This gives you an optimal return on your investment.

Excellent Results

Our expert industrial floor coating contractors promise excellent results the first time. Many epoxy flooring companies claim to give desired outcomes initially, but many fail to do so. With us, you can rest assured that you get outstanding results without error.

Save Your Time and Money

By hiring a professional epoxy concrete floor company in Brooklyn, NY, you can save your time and money. We have experience in handling all sizes and types of epoxy floor projects. Our experts can complete your project quickly and efficiently, saving your money and time.

On-time Project Completion

A reliable epoxy floor coating company helps you develop realistic expectations from the beginning, making you decide on an achievable project deadline. We can identify any potential problems ahead of time and resolve them to avoid any surprises.

Use of Advanced Tools and Techniques

As we have years of experience in the industry, we are well-versed in using advanced tools and proven techniques to complete epoxy coating tasks swiftly and immaculately. By using eco-friendly equipment and products, we eliminate health risks from the job.

Commercial Flooring with Epoxy Coatings

What Makes Our Commercial Epoxy Flooring Services Different From Others?

 There are several great reasons that can compel you to work with our industrial flooring contractors in Brooklyn, NY. As a professional flooring company, we provide you fastest turnaround for high-quality epoxy floor services.

Industry Expertise

We have a team of trained and experienced flooring experts who have extensive experience installing various epoxy floors at different commercial and industrial facilities. This enables us to deliver outstanding outcomes without flaws.

Competitive Prices

Our company offers highly competitive prices for epoxy garage flooring, commercial kitchen flooring, and any type of industrial-grade epoxy floor coating. We ensure to provide you solution that fits your pocket.

Specialist in Industrial Scale Flooring

We are specialist industrial flooring contractors as our company generally works on large-scale industrial epoxy flooring projects in Brooklyn, NY.

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Our experts assess your requirements and evaluate the condition of your existing floor to provide you with free estimates on-site. This helps you make an informed decision.

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Industrial garatge with epoxy floor coatings
food processing plant with epoxy flooring

Why Install Epoxy Floors in Brooklyn, NY

If you want to create high-performing, impact-resistant, and highly durable flooring, nothing can be better than epoxy flooring. This type of floor provides you with seamless, robust, attractive, and low maintenance concrete coating perfect for any commercial and industrial applications. Here are some highlighting benefits of installing commercial epoxy flooring in Brooklyn, NY:

commercial kitchen flooring with epoxy

In addition, our floors keep your space free from germs, pollutants, and allergens, and our application methods allow for quick installation with minimal downtime. Epoxy is known for being easy to clean and maintain and is the eco-friendly flooring choice for businesses and homeowners. It’s highly reflective surface saves energy and gives increased savings on maintenance, installation, repairs and lighting! 

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