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Need epoxy basement floors for your New York home or business and don’t know where to start? It’s a common question we receive from our customers. Whether or not epoxy floors make sense for basements. And to this question we answer – yes, yes and yes!

There are a few downfalls (see what we did there?) that basements pose for homeowners. But what you’ll see is that the vast majority of them can be solved by installing proper floors. Continue reading to see if you’ve experienced any of the following issues we list below with your basement.

Hopefully by the end you’ll see the long term value in investing in proper flooring systems. This can save you from future damage and expensive home repairs. Epoxy floors can also cut down on cleaning times and greatly improve the look and feel of your basement space.  

Damaged Basement Floors?

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Why An Epoxy Floor Is A Great Solution For Homeowners

1. Basements are high moisture environments prone to mold and mildew.

Epoxy floors are mold and mildew proof. With our epoxy coatings, you no longer need to worry about bacteria causing weird odors or smells, as our floors will not allow any of these foreign agents to build up and cause spores.

2. Basements are prone to flooding.

Waterproofing your basement floor epoxy is important if you live in an area that is prone to flooding. The very nature of a basement automatically makes it the most susceptible space in your home to flooding issues. If you have floors that are water resistant, and easy to mop up, then your worries are that of the past.

Epoxy coatings are waterproof and are a great option for those looking to future proof their floors from any imminent water damage.

Commercial Flooring with Epoxy Coatings

3. Basement floors get dirty often.

Dust, dirt, or any other type of debris that can build up in your basements can be a nightmare to clean. But with a basement floor that’s coated with epoxy, all it takes is a quick sweep and you’re done. No messing with carpet cleaners or power washers, or any complicated contraption.

Epoxy coatings by their very nature offer smooth and glossy surfaces that make cleaning less of a chore.

4. I want to actually use my basement... for more than just storage space.

If you want to use your basement as a playroom or recreational space, and more than a place for old products, you’ll want a floor that’s practical. This means aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean and durable. A basement floor coated with epoxy check off all the boxes.

If you want brighter, cleaner and more durable basement floors then give us a call today. We’ll walk you through our process and any pricing questions you may have. Let our epoxy coatings be the long term solution for you and your home for many years to come.

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We Will Ensure Your Epoxy Flooring is Installed Correctly the First Time.

Something that we often times hear from our clients is that they need a contractor to come fix their floor because another company messed them up. This is a more common than you think. We have fixed hundreds of floors that were not handled or prepped properly. The result of this faulty work is a floor that needs to be completely redone. And what’s worse is that homeowners usually won’t know that their floor was not installed correctly until it’s too late. 

That is why we believe our 15 years of experience installing state of the art basement floor epoxy for our clients all around NYC is crucial to our success. Our company uses high quality epoxy paint products, and will never perform less than perfect work, and we’re extremely proud of the reputation that we’ve built for our company over the years. We are not happy until you are completely smitten with your basement floor for 5, 10, 15 years to come. That’s our promise to you, and the principles that we operate our company by. 

Choose From A Flake System, Solid Color Coatings And More For the Perfect Basement Floor Epoxy

Solid Color Epoxy

Commercial Flooring with Epoxy Coatings

Our basement epoxy coatings come in all different colors. The most popular solid colors are grey and black but there’s not a color that we can’t install for you! Depending on your interior and aesthetics, we can mix custom colors. Our customers enjoy the simplicity of this option, and affordability per sq ft.

Concrete Resurfacing For Your Basement Flooring

If your basement floors are dull and damaged and you just want to add a thin layer of cement overlay to them, we provide concrete resurfacing options as well. The interlocking of the bonding agents leaves you with a seamless floor that’s upscale and timeless. 

Flake Epoxy Flooring

Our flake epoxy systems are ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic. Due to the texture, it’s great for anti slip properties and also hides any blemish that you may have. They’re still easy to clean but also offer a bit of personality to your floor. These flake systems are commonly used in garage settings but we can most certainly install them in your basements as well. 

Stained Concrete Coating

If you’re really feeling fancy, we have designer metallic coatings that are one of a kind masterpieces. Each floor coating is like a canvas, and the options are endless. We can make your basement floor mimic the look of leather, stone, marble, whatever your heart desires. These are slightly more expensive per sq ft.