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Are your damaged concrete floors starting to date the look and feel of your entire property? If your concrete looking dull, damage and overall unappealing, a concrete resurfacing job may be in order. 

Just because you need new floors doesn’t mean you need to rip out your old ones and replacing them with an entirely new slab of concrete. What we actually mean is concrete resurfacing via concrete floor coatings. 

By applying a high quality, high gloss shine concrete coating over the old surface of your floors, like epoxy, you can obtain brand new floors for a fraction of the price. This refinishing can be applied to a wide variety of flooring applications. Think, driveways, garage floors, patios and pool decks. 

If you see any cracks, yellowing or discoloration, and any other surface imperfections, then a resurfacing may be your best bet. This is a cost efficient and overall great way to floors that look new for a fraction of the time and cost. 

If you have any specific questions about your property’s floors and how resurfacing can help you, give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to walk you through our process and speak with you directly. 

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Concrete Resurfacing Services

There are so many benefits to resurfacing your concrete

Concrete resurfacing has increasingly become a prioritized home improvement project for home owners. It's no wonder, with all of the benefits that resurfacing your property poses.
food hall with epoxy floors

Cost Efficient

When you opt instead for a concrete resurfacing vs. having your floors completely re-installed, you're saving a great deal of money by doing so. The savings of not having to re-coat your floors every few years is also an added cost-saving bonus.

gym floors with epoxy flooring

Long Lasting

The agents we use to resurface your concrete floors are extremely durable. As a result, when you have your concrete floors resurfaced by our team, you best believe that they will last for decades to come.

newly resurfaced concrete floors in a one door garage

Aesthetically Pleasing

By investing in a resurfacing job, you can repair old damaged surfaces by hiding scuffs, cracks and holes in your concrete. What's great about concrete resurfacing is that you can also choose to stump your finished floors with customized finishes.

Upgrade Your Flooring And Concrete Overlay

We upgrade your dull, damaged concrete surfaces through our advanced concrete resurfacing techniques. A thin cement based mixture is combined with bonding agents to create an overlay that is then poured over the existing concrete. What you’re left with is a new seamless surface that’s both stronger and resistant to shock and staining. The more time passes, the stronger your concrete surface becomes, as the agents bond with the concrete. Our polished finishes are long lasting, with an average of 10 year life span.

Upgrading your concrete in NYC has never been easier. With our self leveling concrete, you can easily achieve polished floors for a wide variety of applications. We service residential, commercial and industrial clients who are looking to upgrade their parking lots, garage, driveways patio or pool decks. 

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Our solutions are affordable, practical and fast. You won’t find another contractor that uses top of the line product in every single application.

Don’t wait for your concrete surfaces to become so cracked and damaged that you need to pay more to get them treated. Applying the right amount of self leveling concrete, with the right techniques is crucial to ensuring that the original surface bonds well with the overlay that’s poured over. Failure to prep the concrete properly will only land you with floors that will crack and give in over time.