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We Make Epoxy Flooring New Yorkers Love-Durable & 100% Worth The Value! See Why We Are The Trusted Name in Epoxy.  

Commercial Epoxy Flooring in NYC That You Can Trust

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When hiring a NYC commercial epoxy flooring contractor to install your commercial flooring, you want to make sure you’re working with a crew that services large clients. You want a team that’s looking out for your best interest. We get it.

That’s why our quality epoxy flooring installations is just one aspect of what makes us great. We take our services seriously, and promise to show up every day on time, ready to give 100% for the duration of each commercial project. 

Our commercial epoxy flooring experts specialize in decorative metallic epoxies, seamless concrete coatings, and industrial grade epoxy flooring solutions. There’s not an epoxy floor in NY that we can’t install.  

We’ve provided epoxy flooring solutions to industrial clients, commercial property owners, garage and parking lots, business owners and more. Our office is based in the Bronx, but we install our coatings in businesses around the five boroughs. 

You no longer need to deal with a concrete floor that does not serve your business.  Our concrete coatings will create an epoxy floor that your competitors will envy and customers will love. 

We love serving the commercial, retail and industrial community in NY. Give our team a call today to upgrade your concrete floor! 

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The Many Benefits of Epoxy For Your Commercial Flooring

Manhattan Epoxy Experts. We Guarantee Epoxy Flooring That is Durable, Practical, Beautiful and Safe

Our floors are ideal for a wide variety of commercial space applications. There’s a reason why so many industry leaders trust us with their flooring. If you are looking for floors that will last you for decades, are easily cleaned, safe for your workers and the best value in the market, go with our commercial epoxy flooring today.  

We've Helped Countless Businesses in NY Install the Perfect Epoxy Flooring That Fits Their Needs

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commercial kitchen flooring with epoxy new york

Restaurants & Dining Areas

Why do the most polished restaurants in New York City use epoxy? Because our restaurant flooring systems are slip resistant and safe. They’re a great option for high traffic areas like restaurants, and helps to avoid any accidental slips or accidents, especially with food and liquid spillage. 

commercial kitchen flooring with epoxy

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Similar to restaurant and dining spaces, epoxy coatings are a go to staple for commercial kitchen flooring. The reason is anti-slip properties, yes. But also for heat resistance, easy to clean properties and anti microbial tendencies.

Car Shoroom Epoxy Floors

Auto Showroom Epoxy Floor

For decorative high traffic spaces that need to stay fresh, our epoxy floors make for perfect auto showroom flooring. Anti scuff, slip proof and stain proof- it’s a no brainer for businesses that see a lot of car or foot traffic. We also offer polished concrete solutions as well!

Industrial garatge with epoxy floor coatings

Warehouse Epoxy Floor

High performance epoxy flooring that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. With our commercial floor applications, you won’t need to worry about oil slicks, staining or peeling. We use high quality, solid 2 part epoxy and install with the highest level of skill in New York. 

A manufacturing plant with epoxy flooring in Bronx NY

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Our industrial strength self leveling epoxy is moisture resistant, tough against impact, abrasion, chemical and high temperatures. We create seamless concrete flooring solutions for your commercial space. 

gym floors with epoxy flooring

Schools & Gym Facilities

Slip proof and easy to clean and maintain- these are the top reasons our epoxy flooring is regularly installed in educational facilities and gyms. We have industry leading products and experience to get you and your facility the upgraded floors that you need. We build floors that are meant to last.

Moisture Resistant Epoxy Floor Installations Make For Perfect Commercial Use

With our commercial epoxy floor solutions, you can enjoy improved appearance of your commercial space, regardless of industry. Our self leveling epoxies are popular coating options for warehouses, retail stores, commercial office buildings, automobile showrooms, food processing facilities, and so much more. 

You’ll enjoy reduced maintenance costs and increased productivity and morale amongst your staff. This is especially so if you install our epoxy flooring in your commercial kitchen space.

Our clients have reported that their staff are so much happier now that they don’t need to worry about cleaning or maintaining the kitchen floors. Plus, because our floors are slip proof, you can enjoy increased safety measures in your workplace.

You can choose from a wide range of finishes from metallic decorative concrete coatings, to seamless solid colored commercial epoxy flooring. Give your business a fresh, new look in a matter of days. And the best part of it all is that you won’t need to worry about updating your floors every few years. Our epoxy floors last a few decades. Get the best looking commercial flooring that money can buy. Call our office today.