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Searching for the best epoxy flooring New York has to offer?

But has your search left you with more questions than answers? Like what is resin, quartz and a polymer? And what are curing times and why are there so many layers, primers and top coat options?

It’s starting to sound a little too much like high school chemistry. And if you ask us, that’s a subject that we’d all like to forget.

And most importantly, what does all of this mean to me anyway?

We totally get it.

It can be overwhelming for any homeowner that’s first getting into epoxy flooring and concrete coating options. 

You just want simple answers. Answers to questions like – what is epoxy? What is a good, fair, and low price? How is it good for both industrial uses and garage floors and is epoxy the most cost efficient option out there?

Well, we’re here to tell you that we have answers for you. We’re the epoxy experts after all. 

We’ve tried our best to compile a list of the most popular epoxy questions we get. But any other questions you may have that aren’t included in this list, well– you’ll just have to give us a call. You can reach us at: 929-930-4175. Call us any time, any day. We’re the epoxy flooring experts  of New York that you need to know if you’re serious about your floors. 

Now, before we move on to the question, what exactly do we do, you ask?

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Residential & Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating in New York

We are a quality commercial and industrial epoxy flooring New York contractor. Our list of epoxy jobs spans across many industries. Our hope is that we can provide your home or business with beautiful and durable epoxy floors. We offer the following epoxy flooring solutions: 

Reliable Epoxy Flooring in New York All Throughout the Five Boroughs

Now that you know a little bit about us I’m sure you have some questions. Below are the list of common questions we get from customers just like you. We’ve tried our best to answer them to the best of our ability. But our real wish is to speak with you directly about your next commercial flooring project or industrial epoxy flooring needs. That way, we can provide custom and personalized answers for you. Read on but if you’re ready to talk to a real person, call us today: 929-930-4175.

What Makes Our Epoxy Floors So Popular?

I’m sure you’re looking into epoxy flooring options in New York because you’ve heard something about it. Or maybe you haven’t. But a little bit of internet digging and you’ll find a wide range of lists out there about why epoxy flooring is the superior concrete coating option. Here’s our list of whys:

Low Lifecycle Cost

Think- real bang for your buck. Because of its longevity and extreme durability, you won’t need to replace or recoat like other flooring options. Our professional epoxy floors last up to 20 years if properly maintained (which is very easy).

Extreme Durability & Practicality

No cracking or splitting. Our floors are 100% mold and mildew proof. Water and heat resistant. Chemical and acid stain-proof. No track marks or skid marks. The list goes on and on but you get the gist. These floors are very strong.

Professional Aesthetics

If you want seamless floors that will truly elevate any room, then epoxy floors are the way to go. Plus, there are so many color palettes to choose from and style of color flakes to add your own style or flair. But regardless of the style you choose, the end result is high gloss shine and floors that will light up any room.

Easy to Clean

That’s right- gone are the days of pressure washing your concrete garage floors or carpet cleaning your basement floors. With epoxy flooring, you can sweep, mop and clean your floors with ease. This is especially important if you’re using your space as a recreational space, car storage, or workshop.

What Is Epoxy? And Why Is It The Best Concrete Coating?

The easiest way to describe epoxy is to think of a two-part concoction, where one part is the adhesive glue and the other is the hardener. The epoxy resin acts as the glue to bind the coating with the concrete surface. And the hardener is the top coat that gives the floors its nice high gloss finish, but also allows for a surface that can withstand shock and other factors.

This is why there’s confusion out there about epoxy being just another floor paint. Which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Typical floor paints will be at least one-part oil or water. This makes it much less adhesive to the floor’s surface and is the reason why you see chipping, cracking and dulling after a year or two.

It’s like comparing duct tape to super glue. Which one would you prefer to use to bind something in the long run? (Hint: epoxy is the super glue in this analogy. And that is the answer you want)

Commercial Flooring with Epoxy Coatings

Our Epoxy Floors Last. Perfect for Industrial Applications.

This is a question we get often. And the answer to this is, that it depends. And I know that’s not an answer you want to hear but it’s true. There are various factors that affect the lifespan of epoxy floors.

Some of these factors are the quality of the epoxy coating (100% solids are the best, for reference), the prep work that went into getting the concrete ready for application, and the quality of the installation job. All of these factors will determine the lifespan of your floors.

Hence, why it’s important to hire the proper epoxy floor specialists to do the job for you. What may look fine on the outside in the beginning may end up costing you down the line if you need to redo your coatings after just a year or two.  

But a good rule of thumb, for floors that have been professionally installed, is to assume they will last you between 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance. Maintenance includes applying a topcoat every 5-7 years and not exposing your floors to an excessive amount of direct UV rays.

Our Epoxy Floors Are Worth The Investment Tenfolds For Your Commercial Property.

We love to answer the question of- are these floors really worth it? And that’s because we truly do see the value in our epoxy floors compared to regular floor paints. There’s a reason why our epoxies are the preferred options for industrial flooring solutions. If you want a shoddy paint job for your facility, you’ll get what you pay for.

Yes, floor paints are cheaper, and can be easily applied yourself. But what many floor paint companies will not overtly tell you is how often you’ll need to do it in order to maintain some level of aesthetic appeal. Every year or so, you’ll find your floors becoming duller, cracked, and damaged. You’ll be left with floors that look the same as when you first sought out a flooring solution option. 

Industrial garatge with epoxy floor coatings

The fact of the matter is, if you want seamless and beautiful floors that will continue to serve you for decades to come, then epoxy flooring is the way to go. Not only are our floors ideal for commercial flooring applications, but they’re also practical for industrial, auto, and food services industries. 

And Our Epoxies Are Well Worth The Wait.

Epoxy floor coatings are not like regular paint jobs, and as such, the process is referred to as curing. The curing process is one of the most important aspects to the bonding and hardening of the two components (remember we discussed above?) that make up the final product. This process takes between 3-7 days, depending on the space and percentage of solids in the epoxy coating. Where larger commercial spaces can take up to a few weeks to cure completely.

Think of this time as the necessary “baking” period. The glue needs time to fully dry and adhere to the concrete’s surface, and the top coat needs time to harden into the glossy shell that will become your new floors. Your new shock-proof, stain proof, 100% resistant floors, to be exact.

Trust us, it’s worth waiting for.

Epoxy Flooring & Polished Concrete New York

Serving Our New York Neighbors With The Following Flooring Services

Commercial epoxy flooring New York

Commercial Flooring

Car wash facilities, auto dealerships-- you name it. We have a flooring solution for you. They don't call epoxy floors performance based for no reason.

Industrial Epoxy New York

Industrial Epoxy

Our industrial epoxy floors can withstand the wear and tear of any high traffic facility. We've worked across many industries to provide the highest quality flooring solutions.

polished concrete NYC

Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete floors have become a popular choice for commercial, retail, hotels, and industrial facilities due to their multiple benefits. Rated top concrete polisher in NYC

Epoxy Garage Flooring New York

Garage Floor Epoxy

Epoxy garage floors are weather & stain resistant, extremely durable and will leave your dull concrete looking like new with a high gloss finish that will last for decades to come

old hall with epoxy coated floors

Basement Epoxy

Basement flooring that's beautiful, waterproof and resistant to moisture & mold. It's a win win for everyone. We can also provide decorative concrete options to liven up your space.

commercial kitchen flooring with epoxy

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Anti-slip floors that are both easy to clean and anti-microbial. It's no wonder our epoxy floors are among the most popular commercial kitchen flooring applications on the market.

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